Schmackhafte Knochen Lamm Kleine

Schmackhafte Knochen Lamm Kleine
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Schmackhafte Knochen Lamm Kleine
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A real winner for hours, weeks and months of safe chewing fun! Can be safely administered when the dog is home alone.
The TastyBone is different from other similar nylon chews, a consistent taste, so not just the top layer.
TastyBone has a 100-day chewing guarantee, provided you give the right dog the right chew.

This jaw has dental care properties and is made from specially treated nylon. The cut nylon forms brushes, which in turn provide and polish brushes. The brushes rub along the teeth to remove plaque. The material will not shatter.

The jaws are different in shape and size, so there is a suitable jaw for every type of dog.

Never chew in the dog's direction, because if the dog catches the cheek, it can damage the mouth, jaws and/or teeth.

TastyBone has been tested by very powerful chewers!

In size ideal for the French Bulldogs & Big Jack Russels!

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